Sunday, 12 June 2011

What If?.... Primeval episodes had titles

Right, a random new feature on this blog is called What If? and is basically my idea of sci fi! The first What If? is featuring my ideas for Primeval episode titles, since they don't have titles. Here's Series 1-5:

EPISODE 1: The Anomalies
EPISODE 2: Bugs in the Underground
EPISODE 3: The Underwater Incursion
EPISODE 4: A Dodo with a Parasite
EPISODE 5: Attack from Above
EPISODE 6: The Future Predator
EPISODE 1: A New World
EPISODE 2: Creatures in the Fog
EPISODE 3: The Smilodon
EPISODE 4: Water 
EPISODE 5: Silurian Scorpions
EPISODE 6: The Traitor
EPISODE 7: Dinosaur Prison
EPISODE 1: Natural History
EPISODE 2: Haunted House
EPISODE 3: Invasion in the ARC
EPISODE 4: The Giant Creature
EPISODE 5: Poisonous Fungus :0
EPISODE 6: Terror Birds
EPISODE 7: A Knight in Shining Armour
EPISODE 8: Back to the Future
EPISODE 9: Anomaly Opener
EPISODE 10: Site 333
EPISODE 1: The Return
EPISODE 2: Kaprosuchus 
EPISODE 3: The Time Tribe
EPISODE 4: Saturday Detention
EPISODE 5: Countrycide 
EPISODE 6: An Old Friend
EPISODE 7: Day of the Anomalies
EPISODE 1: Burrowing Creatures
EPISODE 2: The Submarine
EPISODE 3: Springheeled Jack
Next time, What If? People said something else (Doctor Who)

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