Monday, 13 June 2011

The Impossible War (Part 2)

The sounds of the TARDIS materializing cut through the gunfire exploding all around the city. With a creak, it faded into view. Amy pushed the door open, but the Doctor pushed her back. 'Never, and I mean never, step into a gunfight. I did that before and I had to regenarate. Don't make my mistakes.' The Doctor poked his head out. 'I'd say that if those people would put down their glorified killing machines down, they might actually enjoy the sun. Although it's going to be a bit windy in- he checked his watch- four hours.' Rory sighed. 'Doctor, will you STOP showing off?' The Doctor grinned. 'Rory, the day I stop showing off is the day I die. Now go. I have a bad feeling about this.' And with that, the Doctor flicked some switches, and the TARDIS demilitarized. River was hanging back in the corner, but stepped out to say: 'Why the hell are we leaving?' The Doctor frowned. 'Because we need to see Bangkok at night..' 
It was the dead of night. The gunfire had ceased for the night, and a deathly silence filled the city. The TARDIS had arrived on the tracks of a Sky Train station- not that any trains were operating right now. Amy, Rory and River clambered onto the platform, where the Doctor was already standing, fiddling with his sonic screwdriver. He was grinning. 'You see, that's the beauty of the TARDIS. We can simply hop forward in-' Amy grimaced. 'STOP. SHOWING. OFF!' she yelled. 'We don't have time for boasting! Just tell us what to do!' The Doctor's grin faded. 'We need to split up. You're going to need a torch-', he chucked three torches to his companions, 'and a walkie-talkie.', he brought out four walkie talkies from his pockets. 'Tell me if you've been attacked.' 'Attacked by what?' Rory asked, but the Doctor was already striding off. The Doctor whirled round. 'Do you like my head torch? I wear a head torch now. Head torches are cool.' And with that, he turned round and walked off. River yelled after him: 'Can I use my gun, Doctor?' He yelled back. 'You know I will make allowances for you, River!' River grinned, and briskly walked off in the other direction. Amy and Rory exchanged glances, then went in separate directions. Rory found himself shining his torch on the wall- the wall was covered from top to bottom in bullet holes. Then, suddenly, he heard something. It sounded like heavy human footsteps, but it couldn't be any of his friends- they were too far away to be making that loud a sound. Rory slowly turned around. A skeleton man in a boiler suit was striding towards him, saying 'Don't shoot me!' in a continuous loop. Rory shouted into the walkie talkie. 'Doctor!! There's a skeleton stalking me! What the hell is it?' He heard the Doctor's frantic voice. 'It's Vashta Nerada! Stay out of the shadows, Rory. I'm coming to get you. But don't let it touch you, if it touches you, you will die!'

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