Thursday, 16 June 2011

Analysis Lessons: Doctor Who Cliffhangers (Part 1)

A new feature on PTS now is Analysis Lessons, concentrating on analysing certain aspects of sci fi. The first six will look at Doctor Who's cliffhangers from the 2005-present series. Here's an in depth look at Series 1: (And sorry if the information is wrong, this is purely based off memory)
The cliffhanger: The Doctor is in a meeting room with UNIT troops and the 'Prime Minister.' Rose and Harriet Jones are in a separate room, where they discover the corpse of the real Prime Minister. However, a Slitheen discovers them, and reveals itself in its true form: a green monster. The fake Prime Minister's assistant does the same in the Doctor's room, and the fake Prime Minister electrocutes them......
The resolution: The Doctor, being a Time Lord, is immune to the electricity, and attaches the electrified name badge to the revealed Slitheen. This somehow electrocute all the Slitheen, and Rose, the Doctor and Harriet  make their escape.
Was the cliffhanger good? No.
The cliffhanger: The victims of the Empty Child wake up and corner the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack...
The resolution: The Doctor shouts 'Go to your room!' to them, and they leave.
Was the cliffhanger good: Yes.
PTS rating: 8/10
The cliffhanger: The Doctor discovers the Dalek spaceships; and that the Daleks have kidnapped Rose. The Doctor declares that he will kill all the Daleks, then find Rose.
The resolution: The Doctor kills all the Daleks, and finds Rose, but it costs him his ninth life.
Was the cliffhanger any good? YES!
PTS Rating: 9/10
Tomorrow, I'll take a look at Series 2's cliffhangers.

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