Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Primeval Series 5 Episode 4 Review

So, here's my first review here, and more reviews will be coming soon. Anyway, here's the review for last night's episode of Primeval:
So, for the first time, the pre titles sequence didn't include random strangers being killed by dinosaurs, instead a sequence of the ARC team discovering the mini anomaly in Connor's lab. From then on, the episode was gripping, but the episode was a touch underwritten. However, I'll concentrate on the good points of episode four. The beetle threat was well realised, and they came across as pretty damn creepy. The sub plot of the episode- Jess' battle for survival after being bitten by a bug, fell flat however. She was never going to die, and the whole concept felt half-baked. Through some 'gamma blasts' the episode was swiftly resolved, but not without a whopping cliffhanger..
PTS Rating: 8/10

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