Sunday, 5 June 2011

Miracle Day

Torchwood Miracle Day.jpg

So, there's no Doctor Who until September, but to plug the gap, series four of Torchwood (titled Miracle Day) will begin airing in early July. Starz, who are showing it on US television, have confirmed the start date as 8 July (a Friday) at 10pm, but the BBC haven't confirmed anything (except that it will be shown on BBC One, same as series three) about the première of the 10 episode run. However, it's likely that Miracle Day will begin on BBC1 on 8 July at 9pm. Here's the titles for each episode:
1. The New World
2. Rendition
3. Dead of Night
4. Escape to LA
5. The Categories of Life
6. The Middle Men
7. Immortal Sins
8. End of the Road
9. The Gathering
10. The Blood Line

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