Thursday, 2 June 2011

Teasers for a Good Man Goes to War!

Here are some teasers for the mid series finale, from Digital Spy and SFX:
Digital Spy's 10 Teasers

  • Remember not to interact with the headless monks (without divine permission)

  • “Oh turn it off. I’m breaking in, not out!”

  • The Doctor calls on favours from a number of familiar faces

  • “They don’t put up a balloon or anything!”

  • A line from a previous episode takes on a new significance.

  • “****** ******** is a geography teacher, ****** **** is a superhero”

  • Sontarans can produce a tasty drink.

  • Rory: “That’s probably enough ******* now”

  • River Song’s true identity is revealed in the episode’s final moments.

  • The (frankly brilliant) title to episode eight is revealed before the end credits roll.

  • SFX's teasers

    1 It is amazing – a true five-star episode
    2 There are lots of spaceships – and that’s just in the teaser
    3 There is a very Star Wars feel (The Empire Strikes Back especially) even down to the shape of the windows and the music
    4 It’s action-packed and feels so much more epic than a usual single parter
    5 There are lots of suprise guests stars (and some will be a surprise) but unlike in “The Pandorica Opens” none of them feels wasted – they all have a chance to shine…
    6 …Apart from one maybe
    7 It cracks along at a hell of a pace
    8 There are some revelations that really will make your jaw drop
    9 There is a terrific battle scene at the end (which more than makes up for a slightly underwhelming and confusingly directed one in the first half)
    10 Although there’s lots of time travelling, it’s not a timey-whimey-reliant plot.
    11 The Doctor produces something very revealing from the TARDIS
    12 Rory says something very funny to an old enemy that you can’t believe has never been said before
    13 It’s a great episode for both Rory and Amy (and Matt Smith is as brilliant as ever, especially in a sudden, unexpected emotional moment)
    14 A throwaway line from last season becomes a major plot device
    15 Somebody is asked to make a donation
    16 Somebody very unexpected is playing doctors and nurses
    17 We get to see somebody’s muff
    18 Rory is definitely cool
    19 Look carefully at the monitor screens…
    20 …And the corridors
    21 And please, please, please, if anyone has leaked the title for the next episode onto the internet, avoid the temptation to check it out. When the caption comes up at the end, “The Doctor Will Be Back In…” it was so unexpected and made us grin so much, we’d hate you to miss having the same experience…
    The Episode 8 title by the way is the bizarre Let's Kill Hitler!

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