Saturday, 4 June 2011

The 3 Month Gap

Tonight, the mid series finale will end on a 'game-changing' cliffhanger, leading into a 3 month break for the series. The gap will be filled by Torchwood: Miracle Day running through early July until early September, but there will be no Doctor Who until episode 8, Let's Kill Hitler in September (according to IMDB, the start date is September 3, but this is unconfirmed.) Anyway, here is what you can expect from this blog (if anyone visits at all :), ) during and after the midseason break:
Reviews of Episodes 1-7 (A Good Man Goes to War review coming tonight)
Coverage of Primeval Series 5 Episodes 3-6 including my review
Polls to rate A Good Man Goes to War and the best episode of Series 6 so far,
Breakdown of the cliffhanger to Episode 7
Full coverage of Torchwood including synopses, trailer links and reviews
Evaluation of the series so far
Pre Titles Sequence Awards of 2011 (September 2010-June 2011,)
News from all corners of the Whoniverse, Merlin, Primeval and Being Human
Episode guides for Doctor Who Series 1-6
Episode guides for Torchwood Series 1&2, Children of Earth and Miracle Day
Episode guides for Primeval Series 1-5
Episode guides for Being Human Series 1-3
Episode guides for Merlin Series 1-3
All of that, coming soon!

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