Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What If... Doctor Who episodes had misleading titles

Steven Moffat said recently that Doctor Who titles need to be simple and show what's in the episode. However, imagine if the production team had chosen the wrong titles, it could be that the titles are too boring or that they just don't show the point, or if they're abstract and don't make sense:
1. The New Man
2. Starship UK
3. World War 2
4. Alfava Metraxis 
5. The Byzantium
6. Blood and Water (a real working title)
7. The Dream
8. Reptiles and Apes
9. Underground
10. Invisible Monster
11. Domestic Life
12. The Roman Era
13. The Stone Dalek
X. Sardicktown
1. Coming to America 
2. Forgetting
3. The Good Ship Fancy
4. Bubble Universe
5. The Monastery
6. The Twin Moral Dilemma :)
7. Demon's Run

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