Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Impossible War

I've been working on an opening two parter recently, and here's the first two chunks of episode 1:
Night time. It was desolate in Bangkok, and it had been for four months. The raging war had gutted the city, making it into a wasteland. Rory, a tourist who had been caught up in the conflict while on holiday, was trying to return to his shelter, sprinting, while trying to avoid the gunfire all around. Suddenly, a balaclava-clad person is stepping into his way. The balaclava wearing man had a pistol, aimed right at Rory's head. 'I'm sorry,' the mystery man declared, as he fired right at Rory's head. Satisfied, the man turned away, and slunk off into the night. However, something was blocking the entrance to the shop that the man had inhabited. He took a closer look, and screamed, as the figure turned to him. It had the face of a skeleton, trapped inside an acid suit. It stretched it's hand out, tapped the man on the arm, and watched as the man's body disintegrated.....
It was an ordinary, boring day in the TARDIS. Amy and Rory were mucking about in the TARDIS' squash courts, while the Doctor was trying to multi-task, operating the scanner and watching BBC News on a dusty old projector screen mounted on the wall. The Doctor frowned. There was breaking news: 31 people were killed in a skirmish in Bangkok yesterday, and full scale civil war was breaking out. It definitely wasn't the government's fault- they had been voted as the most popular government for 20 years. But now people were dying, and the Doctor knew he had to do something about it. He bellowed through the TARDIS loudspeaker system 'AMY? RORY? GET OVER HERE NOW!' Two minutes later, they arrived in the main control room. 'So what is it, Doctor?' Rory asked. 'Is it the return of the Blobby Men? Cos if it is, I'm locking myself in the squash courts and not coming out until they're dealt with!' The Doctor stared at them. 'No, it's a lot worse than that. There's a war going on in Bangkok. A war that can only have been started by.. aliens. But I don't have a clue what to do. I can't just wade in, can I?' Suddenly, the woolly hat on the Doctor's head flew off. River stood there, clutching her gun. 'Need any help with that, sweetie?'

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