Thursday, 16 February 2012

The truth about Leo part 3


The way the Doctor was looking at him scared him. A Mixture of pity and anger.
"What?! What is it?"

The rough background of what was happening right now was simple; They were on a planet, not Earth, home to the Aquasians, Underwater creatures in their normal form, but could replicate any animal, human or alien.

"You are one of us child, you have returned home!"
"I-I don't understand, how am I?"

The Doctor turned to him, speaking softly, "The TARDIS, an amazingly complicated alien time machine with a mind of her own, and of course exists all across time and space, I didn't know why I was on Earth when I was, she took control, this was why, she wanted me too bring you home,"

Leo was shocked, he couldn't think, his head was throbbing. From his pocket a pendent was produced, his arms moving of their own will, it glowed feircely and suddenly he just wasn't...him.


His eyes flashed as he remembered everything, especially the one thing he didn't want to. Why he had too leave.
It was cold and dark, they were everywhere, cold, hard, emotionless monsters. They killed everyone, except him. A war that would never had happened if it wasn't for the fact they could only hate. The sound of bombs and lasers were drowned out buy one defeaning war cry:

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