Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Truth About Leo part 1

Running. It seemed a logical thing to do when your with him. The Doctor. He's like a trouble magnet, not too mention a danger to himself! Everywhere we go, every planet, star, moon or constellation, there is trouble and right now they were in the wort of trouble. They were going to die.

"Humans! You have trespassed on Silcillian Reptillia land, you will pay the price,"

Ultra panic mode would be the understatement of the millennia, and for the first time he was beginning to regret his decision of staying with the Doctor. It hadn't been a hard choice. Leo was an orphan, no home, no one who wants him. And no matter where he went, he just didn't fit in. So in some ways he found this a good way to die, in the company of someone who does care.

Suddenly, a siren sounded. Some of the warriors stayed and guarded Leo and his alien friend, others left to see the problem.

The atmosphere changed quickly, the Doctor now had a smile across his face. There were sounds of lasers blasting and the few warriors left dropped dead.

"Hello sweetie"

River Song. Should have guessed. River was the one women who could come near to the Doctor's reputation, if not more. Leo had always had the same respect for her as he had for the Doctor. No real reason for that, but he didn't want a bullet hole in his head.

"What took you so long?!"

The Doctor seemed to though.

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