Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Prophecies and Properness Preview

So, I've been mentioning on Twitter about a new Being Human fic. And so, before it's uploaded, here's a sneak preview of chapter one of my 'sarcastic series four companion':

MEMOS (The main part of the story, the fictional memos to the characters – and the part I owe most credit to Kitty O, so thank you. The answers will be posted with episode two, please try and guess!)
One – You see, that's the way to deal with grief. Not going all mopey and sitting there guarding your daughter with a stake, instead, trying to be cheerful and helpful and making tea! Even though you broke down in tears minutes after making said tea. I don't blame you – at least you didn't- I'll stop now.
You also said my new favourite word – Twattage. I really have no idea where that came from, but still! And you continued to be awesome throughout the episode – trying to save the baby, threatening vampires and then being there to say goodbye to George. I hope you continue to be like this every episode. Please?
Yours sincerely,
Two Well hi there. Well not really, hi, I've already seen you. But it was nice to see you in a beefed-up series regular role. You were pretty great last series, and it's nice to see that you're still awesome. Although didn't McNair say last series to live a normal life and stop killing vampires? Er...
But still, Eve the baby wouldn't have survived without your vampire killings. And she's the war child and all. So she has to stay alive. And it looks like you'll be taking George's place in Honolulu Heights, which is cool with me. After all, it'll be fun to see how you and new vampire Hal get on. Badly, by the looks of the next time trailer. Did I just say next time trailer to you?
With kind regards,

Prophecies and Properness: Eve of the War will be coming tonight and linked here tomorrow!

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