Sunday, 5 February 2012

Day of the Moon

No, I'm not talking about episode 2 of series 6 of Doctor Who, I'm talking about tonight's Being Human series four premiere! (Although the title may or may not have been a deliberate reference to that episode). TONIGHT, George defends his table with a stake, Tom makes burgers in a cafe, and Annie goes all maternal.

Long-term readers (hello, people at The Whoniverse Blog, if you're still reading this!) might remember this, or this, pre-episode round-ups. Well, I'm resurrecting 'em for Being Human series four, posting a few hours before each episode airs! I'll also be doing post-episode round-eps, with my reaction to the episode and the next time trailer, HOPEFULLY. So, without further ado, here's a clip from Eve of the War:

'That werewolf is the last of its kind. We kill her. We kill her now.'

EVE OF THE WAR airs tonight on BBC Three at 9pm.

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