Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Truth About Leo Part 2

Was there something wrong with him? It intrigued and scared Leo that he wasn't quite... right. It was as if there was a part of him he didn't know about. An alien side. That thirsted for knowledge and blood. But his natural mind told him that that side of him was a figment of his imagination. But another side, that believed in the Doctor and the fact the alien experiences, told him that it was a very much alive part of him, not dead, just dormant, waiting to come to life.

Your probably wondering what sprung these thoughts on him. In all honesty he wasn't sure. Leo had been in a room, a completely alien room, or so he thought. It was like a flashback, the moment his fingers brushed on the marble statue, memories, that had never been there before. And it scared him, thrilled him and most of all, angered him, that he could forget about his own life. The only question that overrides all others now is; what was he?

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